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НЛО 2011. Нарезка./NLO 2011. Narezka.
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From: admin
Added: 2011-12-06
Category: НЛО (UFO)
Duration: 0:06:18
Tags: space, ufo, crazy, alien, aliens, phenomena, sightings, sighting, news, recent, footage, video, unbelievable, unidentified, top, disclosure, NASA, conspiracy, moon, landing, lunar, Apollo, anomalies, anomaly, UFOS, hoax, cropping, coverup, shuttle, hiding
Video Description: The top videos that the government does not want you to see. At last these amazing videos are here for us all to view. The question is, do you believe?

These are the top videos that the Government does not want you to see. Some call them consipracy theories, some call them government secrets, some call them hoaxes. What do you think?

Some comments have been made regarding whether or not CGI has been used in the first video. The reason I have added this video is because it is apparently leaked by wikileaks. I will let you decide whether or not it is real. What do you think?

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