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НЛО СЕНСАЦИЯ_2. Смотреть до конца !!! NLO SENSACIYa_2. Smotret' do konca
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Views: 449
From: admin
Added: 2011-05-22
Category: НЛО (UFO)
Duration: 0:12:40
Tags: UFO, mainstream, media, coverage, MASS, SIGHTINGS, taking, place, conspiracy, new, world, order, aliens, fidockave213, science, disclosure
Video Description: UFO mainstream media coverage MASS SIGHTINGS taking place. This video deals with more recent ufo phenomenon and the reality of it present in todays news media, so real infact airports have begun to be shut down temporarily on account of them.
To those complaining about background music mute the volume or simply dont watch this. i made this video for a friend not you. i wanted to include more footage however youtube only allow 15 minutes max so i had to cut it back a bit. hope it wakes some people up.
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Случайный вопрос - лучшие опросы и голосования рунета!!

Вы читали сборник рассказов *Вечера на хуторе близ Диканьки*?

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